6 of Swords (again)

This week the 6 of Swords is back.


Welcome back!

This week we are looking at the 6 of Swords again. Seeing it for a second time in two weeks tells me we really need to take the reigns and make our changes happen. We are always responsible for our actions. Is there a change you have been meeting with resistance? This is a good time to examine why the resistance is there. Sometimes we have to make changes we may not be fully happy about but when we do, the result is worth it. There are also times we are forced into a change and we must make the best of it.

We know that life constantly brings changes and how well we can flow with those changes is a great determining factor in our happiness and quality of life. When we paint a really dynamic picture for ourselves sometimes we can get caught up in the details and forget to flow with the changes. We can put forth to the Universe our desires but, we have to use our inspiration to stay in the flow. Living on this beautiful planet we are shown cycles. Cycles of day to night, cycles of seasonal change. We see examples of change daily and yearly. We as individuals go through these same changes personally in our lives. It's easier when we flow with it.

View this card like the season of autumn. Let what does not serve go. Keep moving forward on your journey. We must let things go in order to welcome in the new. Changes are not always easy but, if we remember to stay in the flow of inspiration, our desires make their way to us. You can grieve the losses for as long as you need but, don't loose sight on your beautiful journey ahead. You get to experience this day in time once, live it from your heart and smile as the day comes to night. Wake up and greet the new day with fresh eyes and a smile in your heart. It’s a new day. Remember as well that each day can be a fresh start.

Lots of love to you, you may also be interested to read this same card from 2 weeks ago! Each time I pull a card, I follow the flow of how the card speaks to me that week. No two weeks are exactly the same! Head on over! It may be just what you needed to hear.

Thanks for being here! See you next week!

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