The Hanged Man (Reversed)

This week we have The Hanged Man reversed.


Welcome back!

This is very interesting to follow our repeated 6 of Swords last week. When we see the hanged man he usually tells us that insight comes when the mind is still and we create space for energy to flow in. Well, this week we have him in a reversed position. This tells me that we are looking at times if indecision, resistance and delays with our forward movement. Seeing this to follow last week's card says we are resisting some necessary changes that life is bringing us.

A few questions we need to ask ourselves this week are….where am I holding myself back? What changes are flowing in that I am resisting? Why am I resisting them? At times we have unconscious reasons as to why we get resistance to change. We can seemingly be open and ready, we tell the Universe this and it seems like we sit and wait. We get frustrated thinking what is taking so long? This is why it's a good idea to ask ourselves these questions, tune in to yourself and let the answers come to you. It may be that there is a lingering fear or belief holding the flow back.

We know that change is a constant part of life. We don't do ourselves any favors by fighting the flow. This is not to say just to give up and go for the ride. It is more of a guiding your boat along the waters. Some will be rough waters and some will be smooth. From what I see at this point we are sitting on the shore avoiding the trip entirely. It may be quite the ride but the key is we get in the boat and do it anyway. Remember we have so many helping spirits to guide us, all we have to do is be receptive and listen.

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