4 of Swords

This week we have the 4 of Swords.


Welcome back!

This weeks energy is bringing us rest, recuperation and contemplation. Swords are the suit of power, courage and mental processes. Four is a number of foundation and balance. When I see this card, it always speaks to me about giving things a rest. Don't rehash things over and over in our minds. Let things go and honestly…sleep on it.

Too much contemplation can be crazy making, especially when we try over and over to figure out something that seems to be eluding us at the time. These are times we need to give ourselves a break and more than that, a mental break from the issues we are working through. Our minds can really do a number on us when we get drawn down the rabbit hole of “what if.” Much of the time the answer is right in front of us we are just too busy to see it. This is where it helps to rest on it. Let the situation rest and more importantly, let yourself rest. Allowing is the hardest part.

Having a practice of mental rest like meditation is a fantastic way to help clear the mind. When we can clear our minds, we allow in solutions to the issues we face. We have so much support from our guides, ancestors and loved ones. Meditation and/or sleeping on issues allows them to reach out and guide us. No matter the things you are facing, remember to give yourself a break from it. Listen to some relaxing music, do some cleansing breathing, take a bath or do whatever helps you unwind. This week we are being asked to give things a rest. In doing so we can welcome in more guidance as well as more peace♡ Let's take a welcomed breather and enjoy this beautiful autumn weather!♡

Alyssa MillerComment