Ace of Pentacles

This week we have the Ace of Pentacles.


Welcome back!

This is a fantastic influence to receive following our give it a rest card from last week. It looks to me that taking the down time has allowed new opportunities to make their way into our lives. Seeing this ace of pentacles says that these new ideas and opportunities are divinely guided. Having this be the first of the Pentacle's suit, it speaks of new money making ideas and avenues. Things that help us live here in our physical form in our physical world. It's looking like promising new adventures! Huzzah!

As I tune into the message this week I actually hear the words “Don't forget to play”. My guides draw my focus to the field of flowers inside the flowered arboretum. They are saying “To be in a physical body can be such a joyus experience, it is about enjoying the journey and remembering to enjoy the sweetness along the roads you walk. Let love in your hearts, do not let them get hardened by the labors of the past. Your hands can create just as they can destroy, all is how you choose to live. Live it fully, breathe in the flowers nectar, smile to the sunshine on your skin and share your joy with the world around you, as you spread love it is returned fold. Enjoy life sweet ones, all is how you make it.”

They can really bring it to light that at times, we forget to have fun. We grow up and grow to serious lol. Well this is a great reminder to nurture our playful side! Keeping an open heart and open eyes for new adventures coming our way is this weeks message. Along with play of course! Fresh starts and new adventures await us. Let's have a great week!

Love and Blessings!

Alyssa MillerComment