The Star

This week The Star has stepped forward.


Welcome back!

The Star speaks to us about guidance, illumination and, setting goals. These goals tend to be far reaching goals, ones that we set knowing we will achieve them in time. It is like setting our sights on our big dream. When I focus on this cards influence this week, I hear the word Hope. As I tune in deeper I hear my guides speaking, here are their words.

“Do not give up on your hopes and dreams even when life gets you down, all things are stepping stones to take you to greater heights. One day the star will be within your grasp and as you look back you will see all it has taken to get you to new heights. Do not fear dear ones, one step at a time and you will reach the stars. Remember to stay grounded and honor the body you are in. Drink plenty of water and remember to balance your soul with your physical body. Your soul transcends time and space but, your body provides you the support to live in your physical world. Honor all aspects of you beautiful ones. You are magnificent stars shining brightly as you walk the Earth. Be who you are and reach for the stars☆.”

I feel like they really summed it up there lol. It does feel like a jump start after our week of just letting things settle and rest. Some good things to think about this week are, what am I working toward and are the steps I take daily helping me reach my goals? Day by day we make choices, are they helping us live a life of joy? I hope you all have a beautiful week! Keep following your illuminated light!

Alyssa MillerComment