Wheel of Fortune

This week we have the Wheel of Fortune.


Welcome back!

The Wheel of Fortune card speaks about good luck, turning points, cycles of change, and karma. Quite a bit comes with this wheel of changes. This is great to follow last week's 6 of Swords. Last week we were asked to look at letting go of what does not serve and this week, we reach turning points with good luck and fortune on our side. It's so funny how life changes and how we evolve.

As I tune into this weeks card the message that comes through the strongest is be willing to take risks. Nothing ventured nothing gained as the popular saying goes. Sometimes we get comfortable sitting in routine yet, it is not fulfilling. We desire change but, can be too afraid to take a step in fear of failure. The feeling of fear is often worse in our minds than actually taking that leap. If we can syc ourselves out in fear, than we can do the same for excitment. The mind is a powerful tool. Remember as well, that failure teaches us some of our greatest lessons and you can always get back up and try again.

Take some time this week and examine aspects in life that you feel could use a change, some refreshing or freshing up. We are the creators of change and have control over how we want to live our lives. We have the supportive energy of the wheel this week to help boost those changes we want to make. Live your best life and do not fear change. The wheels of change in life constantly turn, use it to your advantage!

Alyssa MillerComment