This week we have the Temperance card.



     Another major arcana! We are working with some big energies right now, whew! This comes to us as a positive sign this week. The Temperance card is about finding balance, patience and purpose. Sometimes the patience part is the hardest as we get our balance. 

     Three things stand out to me as I tune into this energy for the week. First I am drawn to the triangle on the gown. The triangle is the strongest shape and also a great generator of energy. Next I am drawn to the balancing of water and Earth. The Temperance has a foot connected to each element. Water to me is a sign of spirit energy which ties me back to the triangle. Are we utilizing our energy efficiently? Does it feel built up inside? Are we expressing it? It looks like we are greatly supported from the world of Spirit as we move forward but, have we become confused or lost along our way? Have we lost sight of our vision of our future?

     This brings me to my final connection to this card, the sun rising over the mountains. This sun shines a dry path just below leading to the water and back to the mountains again. This tells me to continue following your light and guidance but, have patience! All is accomplished in time, just keep following your hearts direction and move forward. Don't forget to take the time to walk that path back up to the sun for some rejuvenation!

Enjoy your week!

Alyssa MillerComment