Ace of Swords

This week we have the Ace of Swords.



     The Ace of Swords! I must say, I am loving the flow we have over the past three weeks. This is a great sign of how we are progressing through changes. The swords represent power, mental fortitude and strength of will. Having it be the ace, the begining, we have done well so far cutting the crud from our lives. Now we have the boost of power to move forward anew.

     The Sword being gifted from the sky and crowned shows me that we must take our divine guidance and move forward. This also tells me that we may have many awakening moments this week. We will likely see more of the reasons as to why things come and go. Things in our lives that have been stagnant or confusing will be revealed to us more. The Ace of Swords speaks to us about revelations in our lives. It also provides us the power to cut out what it is we don't need. The sword must also be seen as the weapon, that if not wielded right can harm you.

     This week, stand in your power. Use the sword delibretly, manifest the changes you want to see in your life. Use the boost of power and energy this coming week to your best advantage. Flow with your divine guidance being crowned upon you. Put your new ideas into action. Seek your truth and live into it♡

Alyssa MillerComment