The Death Card

This week we have the Death card.



     This is a great sign to follow last weeks 7 of pentacles reversed. The death card speaks to us about letting the old fall away to bring forward new beginings. Following the 7 of pentacles last week when we were needing to set a goal and focus, the death card to follow is a great sign that what we wish to let go of is falling away, creating space for the new that we are manifesting.

    Much of the time we have a hard time letting go of things. We get used to sitting in our comfort zones, holding onto what does not serve us in fear that we will miss it, OR think what is new to arrive could be worse. Life is a beautiful adventure! Allow yourself to experience and grow outside of what is comfortable. Break through the comfort zone and awaken the explorer within.

    Focus on the rising sun this week, keep your hopes high and keep working toward your goals, do not be afraid to let things go and lighten your load. This life is yours, and your journey is your own. Do not worry on the judgments of others. Shine like the Star you are! 

Alyssa MillerComment