7 of Pentacles Reversed

This week we have the 7 of Pentacles Reversed.




     This is very fitting to follow yesterday's journaling episode♡ I will put the video below♡

  The 7 of Pentacles is about the fruits of our labor. Pentacles relate to our earthly resources and 7 in tarot is about harnessing the power. So... in an upright position it would be about keeping with the good work and remembering to take the time to enjoy what you have achieved so far. Well....this week we have it in reverse, which is not necessarily a bad thing! Reversals can be a great help in putting things into perspective.

    Our message this week is too get clear. It's time to really get clear about what it is we want to manifest...especially when it comes to our physical needs. What resources do you need? What job or career do you want? What is it in all of the infinite that you would like to draw into your life. When we get the 7 of pentacles as a reversal, it speaks loudly saying "get clear about what you desire if you want to bring it into being." If you water the garden without pulling the weeds, you are nurturing all growth, even the weeds. Be clear about what it is you want to grow☆

     We are also in a month of powerful manifestation being that it's a 1 (January) and we will have 1/11/18 coming up here this week! That is a significant day to really solidify what seeds you are planting. It's a great day to write it out and place it somewhere you will see it everyday like a mirror or the refrigerator. Let's use this week to get clear about what it is we plant, than nurture the growth♡

Lots of love to you!♡





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