6 of Pentacles Reversed

This week we have the six of Pentacles reversed.



Hi everybody, welcome back!

     The Six of Pentacles in its upright position is about about giving and receiving, being in flow with abundance. Six is a number of harmony and this being the suit of Pentacles means it relates to our Earthly needs like resources and money. Well, this week we have it in reverse. This is here to show us what is out of balance.

     When reversals show up, it is like a warning or wake up call. It helps us see what energy is not flowing as well as it could be. Having the six of pentacles reversed this week says we are not in balance of giving and receiving. You may identify with one over the other but to truly know, take a moment to turn inward and see where the flow is out of balance. Have you been giving to much lately? Are you feeling more drained energetically, financially, mentally? Is it possible that you may have turned away a helping hand when on second thought you really could have used it? 

     The thing with balance is we must allow. We have to allow ourselves to be the giver and the receiver. We can not always rely on the kindness of others so at times, we have to play both roles for ourself. Honor the space you are in and make the changes you see necessary to get you back into balance. If you need more energy, consider taking some down time to nurture yourself. If you need more resources, consider selling some items you no longer use. These are just a few examples♡ Even the act of giving in charity helps prime the pump of prosperity. Do what you feel you need this week to keep you in balance♡

Have a great week!


Alyssa MillerComment