9 of Cups

This week we have the 9 of Cups!



Welcome back!

The 9 of Cups this week plays well off of last weeks Sun card. Last week we were looking at great things to come but at a pace slower than what we may have wanted. The 9 of cups is all about hospitality, generosity, fulfillment, achievements and so on. As we break it down, the Cups relate to our emotions and water, what fills our cup. 9 is a number of completion so, when we look at these two combined we see that there's some fulfillment coming this week so much so that you are sharing with others. It is as though your cup flows over♡ This card always reminds me of a king at his table and all of his kingdom sharing and a feast with him.

As we walk into this week's 9 of cups we look back at the reversed Sun card last week and see that the slow-moving energy of achievement and fulfillment is now faded and the pace has picked up, our desires are coming to fruition this week. These achievements could be related to emotional fulfillment, relationships, it could also be related to work or a business that you are working on, a project that you were working on....no matter the subject, this week our cups are filled. With that in mind....be more generous, open up your hospitabe side and allow that fulfillment of your cup to help fill the cups of others. We get farther in life when we share and uplift one another. Be the king at his table this week and let your generous heart shine!

Light and love!

See you next week!


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