The Sun Reversed

This week we have the Sun card reversed.



Yay the Sun!

The Sun card is about joy, blessings, light, all good things! We do have this card reversed this week but, this card is always positive, even in its reversal. The reversal signals a slower path to success or that the good coming your way is just on a slower path to its destination. All in all its good things this week!

My first feeling with this is that we are slowly coming out of a shadow period with ourselves. We are on a path toward the sun, illuminating those things that do not serve us and becoming lighter and more joyus. I feel this is a significant sign seeing as we just had our eclipse here in North America. Shadow work is not easy work nor is it a quick path to joy and enlightenment. We slowly peel away these layers until we expose that beautiful light within us. It's a raw and really emotional place. If you are interested in more about shadow see this week's Monday message.

I also see this as a sign that the goals you are working toward reaching are attainable but, the path to reach them may be slower than you would like. It is the path of the tree versus the weed. The tree grows slower with stronger roots and is more stable vs the weed which grows fast but the roots are shallow and easily uprooted. The best growth usually come from the slow and steady path. Keep at it!

This looks to be a great week! Our goals are attainable and our paths are showing progress. Keep your head up and continue moving forward. Joy and success are in your future! Keep shining your light and walking your path. Be the beautiful soul you are!

Lots of love to you!

Alyssa MillerComment