2 of Cups

This week we have the 2 of Cups.....I'm sensing a theme this week!


Hi everybody!

This is very fitting to follow Mondays Message, I'm sensing a theme here! Lol

So the 2 of cups is about sharing, exchange, coming together and love. As we know cups relate to our emotions and 2 is a number of balance. This is a great sign of love and equal partnership. This could be a sign for some that a new relationship or partnership could bloom this week.

I feel this message is to see one another as equal. The blue of her shawl and yellow and red of his cloths makes me feel like a coming together of opposites, finding unity and love in the marriage of opposing energies....setting the differences aside and coming together to share each side talents and strengths. I also feel the lions head is significant as we are in this time of Leo. At times we have to be strong and courageous to go against the grain, to make a change and to brave uncharted territory. To create change we have to venture into the unknown and persevere through what may arise. Finally I feel the snakes of the caduceus it's a sign of healing and transforming old energy into a new more vibrant energy. A change made through the energies of love and compassion. 

This week looks to be a great week for us! Let's focus on this energy by coming together in love, sharing in common goals and expressing our talents and skills with one another. I believe the saying that there is strength in unity to be true. It is going to be a great week for partnerships and setting forth together for a common goal. Share the love and be your unique self. Humanity will be better for it!

Lots of love to you guys!

Alyssa MillerComment