6 of Pentacles

This week we have the 6 of Pentacles! Abundance and charity.



Priming the pump of abundance involves giving and receiving. With this week's 6 of Pentacles we are in a place of giving or receiving. Do you identify with the red cloaked man? Giving to those in need. Or do you identify with the receiver at this time? Needing a bit of extra help. There is no shame or judgments as we have all been on both ends of this spectrum at some point in our lives. 

I feel our message with the 6 of Pentacles this week is to remind us that when we give and receive we allow the energy of abundance to flow. If you are identifying with the man in the red cloak holding the scales, maybe this is a great time for a charitable donation to someone in need or, a cause you feel is just. If you are identifying with the receiver don't be ashamed to ask for help. You can find compassion in humanity. Sometimes our struggles could be eased by a simple request for help. You may find that at one point you will be the man in the red cloak giving to those in need, you know what it is like to be on both sides so your heart opens wide. 

Finally this can also be about giving of your time. Maybe money is a bit tight but you can help a worthy cause with your time or other resources♡ Abundance does not always mean money, it can be time, health, energy and so on. The key is to remember to keep in the flow of giving and receiving. Where are you at this time? What can you do to keep in the flow?

Be in flow♡

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