The Lovers

The Lovers card is back!


Love and attraction.....yup it fits with spring......fresh, new and blossoming! The Lovers card is self explanatory when it comes to romance but it's also about overcoming some rough obsticals. This card speaks to a great week ahead. For some this may mean you will find romance or improve an existing one. This can also represent working on something that makes your heart sing. No matter how the pieces fall it seems a blessing for all involved.

What I feel the Lovers card is saying this week is to speak from the heart. Communicate from a place of love, much of the hurt in the world comes from to much pride and not speaking your truth from a place of compassion. Let love diffuse the obsticals in life. This doesn't mean to be a cream puff and push over, it means to speak your truth with honesty and compassion. Finally, I think the Lovers card speaks about taking in the blessings being presented to you, love yourself enough to know you are worthy of what you desire. 

♡♡♡I love you guys, speak from your heart this week and let love flow!♡♡♡

Alyssa MillerComment