Knight of Wands

This week we have the Knight of Wands.


Hooray for the Knight of Wands this week! He is charismatic and head strong. He brings a great force to help you achieve your goals, he is also not afraid to take a risk. He may be younger and more nieve than the king but, his determination will take him far. It's the fire and passion behind him that takes him great distances.

I feel the Knight of wands is bringing us the energy to help boost our motivations and help us reach our goals this week. He says do not be afraid to take a risk toward your passion in life. If there is a will there is a way. He brings the energy to help achieve what it is you have set out to do and most importantly...Go for it!  Don't let the naysayers bring you down, follow the passion in your heart and your belly. You have bonus support for it this week! Remember that the wands are about new growth, some of you may be getting new ideas or seeing new life in something you thought was gone. The Knight of Wands can also be about a change of location or residence as well. 

Use the Knights fiery headstrong and charismatic energy this week to boost you along. Go for your goals and reach for the stars. You have a beautiful life in front of you and you deserve to have your dreams come true. Go for your passion with Gusto!

See next week!

Alyssa MillerComment