Queen of Wands

This week we have the Queen of Wands.


The Queen of Wands! This is one of my favorites so I am super happy to have her influence this week! Ok....so on to the meaning..... the Queen of Wands is about nurturing and new growth. She is a kind and loving energy like the maiden's energy but with more wisdom. Her sunflower represents fertility and joy, while wands represent fire and new growth. She is loyal, honest and warming like a mother. The lions on her chair represent her strength and her black cat represents her magic and her mysterious side.

So for this week I feel her message is to nurture yourself, take some time out for you. Honor yourself by doing something that brings you great joy, the world can wait for a bit. I feel she is a perfect fit for our influx of spring as well. I also feel that this is a sign to continue to nurture your desires and stay ambitious. You have the fire and fertility on your side to help these desires come to fruition. Finally I feel the energy of the black cat is saying explore, be curious, study something that interests you and keep the magic fires within you burning. Seek adventure and explore the mysteries. New growth, fire, fertility and joy are our key words this week. Be curious and have fun.

Have a fantastic week everybody!

Alyssa MillerComment