4 of Swords Reversed

This week we have the 4 of Swords reversed


Welcome back!

The 4 of Swords would be about a mental rest, some time aside from those repetitive thoughts and nagging tasks if it were in its upright position but, this week we have it reversed. I read this as saying don't be asleep at the wheel. It's time to put those thoughts and plans into action. The time for working over the plan in your mind is done and it's up to you to get up and make it happen. The Swords on the wall hang like plaques signifying jobs well done and accomplishments acheieved. As this man rests on the fourth sword I feel the message is to not let your goals lie dormant beneath you. Rest as you need to but remember that you are the creator of your life. Now is not the time to dream it all away but to make your dreams a reality. 

Keep in mind that swords are forged in fire, you have come a long way and to give yourself credit for just how far you have come. Greatness knows what it is like to have dirt on its face, so stay humble and remember your roots.  Finally...Swords can be a challange as they represent our mental state of mind. Don't get caught up in the doubts and negativity of the peanut gallery, you are more than your mind. Your mind is the fertile ground for growth but your actions create your reality.

 This week take action and enjoy making your dreams a reality!


Alyssa MillerComment