10 of Wands

This week we have the 10 of Wands


The 10 of Wands is best described with the words...The burden of success. Sometimes to much success can burry our sense of freedom, there is a sense of obligation and more responsibility than we have anticipated. What level of success are you happy with? How far up the corporate ladder do you want to get? What is a perfect balance for you? Success is wonderful but at what cost? This card speaks like a whisper to remind us that success does not just come from financial gains but in all aspects of our lives. Don't get wrapped up in one aspect to much, we are multifaceted beings and in that we have so much more to ourselves as well as our lives. Enjoy life!

I also feel this card is speaking about carrying to much energy and not having an avenue to channel it. If you are vibrating to high remember to ground yourself. You are in a human form this time around and must make sure to honor both the body and spirit. Channel the abundance of energy into what you feel guided to do. I find creative arts really help, painting/coloring, sometimes getting more exercise is a good answer, go for a run or a nature walk. Too much pent up energy does not serve you, allow it to be expressed it whatever way seems right for you.

Lots of love to all of you! I am so grateful you are here!

Many blessings

Alyssa MillerComment