Page of Cups

This week we have the Page of Cups.


Yay! The Page of Cups! This is a great sign of sweetness and innocence. The Page is a messanger and the Cups represent emotion, spirit and passion. Together this is a message for you from spirit about love, life and passion. The energy of this card is about fresh starts and fresh perspectives. This is a great influence to start new business adventures and relationships under as it is a supportive energy for new beginings.  

It's also about innocence and play, a message to nurture your inner child. Go play and have fun! If you are trying to conceive a child this is a great sign that things are looking in that direction and a message of success could prevail this week! Most importantly be open to receive messages this week! Play and have fun, spend time with children and animals, return to innocence and let your self be free. Enjoy the sweetness of life!

Light and love

Alyssa MillerComment