5 Of Wands & The High Priestess

This week we have two cards, 5 of Wands and The High Priestess


This week's reading is a great combination. The 5 of Wands represents fights of passion, winning small victories but can also be playful like kids playing with sticks. The High Priestess represents an oracle; a keeper of wisdom, she is also a sign of inspiration. The number 5 represents changes and with that there can be some conflict. The number 2 represents more of a fork in the road, choices must be made and it also represents duality. 

Reading these cards in combination this week my first initial impression is that if you want the changes you must do the work. To get to the place of The High Priestess you must take the journey with passion in your heart, shed off the layers that conflict the peace within and begin the journey with the eyes of a child full of wonder and magic. The place of peace, wisdom and knowledge takes continual growth and, the hardest part: working on your shadow side. This is not to say that the path to peace is just a long painful battle but to remember that to grow you must shed layers. Incorporate a balance of play and hard work. Both are vital to our health and well being. Know when to be playful and know when its time to be more serious. 

This week looks to be filled with passion and inspiration. Don't be afraid to follow your dreams as they are inspired versions of yourself. Know when to play and when to get back to work. Keep a balance this week and welcome changes into your life. You have the fiery passion and inspiration on your side this week. Follow your heart beautiful souls!

Alyssa MillerComment