Queen of Swords

This week we have the Queen of Swords


The Queen of Swords as a very intelligent woman, firm and confident in herself. She relies more on her intellectual prowess rather than her emotional state to make decisions for herself and her Queendom. She is a ruler devoid of emotion. 

What I feel this means for us is to take a more clinical approach to our week. To use our intellectual minds rather than ruling with emotion or letting our emotions take over. It's a fine balance to maintain. Sometimes in life we have to take on the energy of the Queen of Swords and set emotions aside so we can approach situations with a logical mind. This is not to say you must be devoid of emotion but rather letting the mind take lead instead of the heart. This could also represent a female in your life that holds status like a manager/boss or even just an older woman. If so, this may be a clue on how to interact with them if you need to discuss wants/changes.

You may have an idea on what this card represents for you this week. All in all you must do what you believe is the best. This is a great reminder that we can utilize the whole spectrum between the pure intellect and pure emotion in our lives. 

Have a fantastic week beautiful souls! 

Light and love!


Alyssa MillerComment