5 of Swords

This week we have the 5 of swords.


The man in the fore ground has just finished a battle with two other men, as we can see the two other men have given up, dropped their swords and walked away. Let's remember that the swords relate to the upper class as well as our mental thought processes. Usually when I see this card I feel it is one of cut your losses and move forward, but this card speaks to me differently this week. I see a man so hell bent on winning he can't even carry the load he has just won, as two swords still lay on the ground. I also feel it is a card of shaming, This man is gloating over his "win" while the others walk away shamed deciding forget this, it's not worth my time. 

Which story speaks more to you? Do you feel shamed? Or have you been the shamer? Have you fought a battle and won only to take on more than you can handle? This card is a reminder to think about what situations and things are worth your energy, time, resources etc. Not all battles are worth the fight. If you feel this relates to a mental struggle the same applies. Sometimes it is a cut the losses and let it go situation.

Think more on what's harmonious for all involved. Try to come from the heart rather than a battle driven mind. Love each other beautiful souls, only fight the battles you see are worth fighting for. If you fight those battles, you are a winner no matter the cost. 

Light and Love to you!

Alyssa MillerComment