4 of Cups Reversed

This week we have the 4 of Cups Reversed.

The 4 of cups in an upright position would be an expression of discontentent and not being satisfied with what you currently have. As the hand reaches out to give a new option the self wallowing has made the option unseen. In an upright position this would speak about stagnation and the inability to see a new option. This week we have it as a reversal so it's great news! 

This week keep an open heart and open eyes for new opportunities being presented to you, this is a great sign that your guides and angels are bringing your desires to fruition. The things you have been manifesting are showing up! Be open to receive. This is also a positive sign that you are working in partnership with your guides, if you have been working on building a stronger relationship with your spirit team, take this as a sign that they are so happy to work with you. Your partnership is growing stronger.  

Have a beautifully blessed week everyone! Keep your arms open to recieve the blessings headed your way. Happy Valentine's Day! Keep in the flow of love!


Alyssa MillerComment