The Empress

This week we have The Empress card.



This is a lovely sign of spring! The Empress is like the Divine femanine. She is about new growth and fertility. Her 12 stared crown represents the 12 months of the year and her scepter is a sign of mastery over the physical world around her. The water nurtures the land and is a vital part of the growth of life on earth. Spring is here and new life is springing forth. 

I feel the messages she wants to bring this week are about nurturing yourself, the new growth you have in your life and spending more time in nature. The Empress being a sign of the divine femanine is a reminder to honor the women in your life and to nurture the femanine side of yourself. Tend to the new starts in your life as if they were your children, give them the same love and attention, be the mother to their growth. 

Finally spend more time in nature, everyday we share exsistance with the greatest mother we know, Mother Earth. She nurtures and sustains us on a daily basis. Connecting to Gaia is a great way to start honoring the relationship you have with the femanine no matter what gender you align with. Love yourself, love your new starts and be present to the magic of the divine femanine.

Lots of love to you all! 


Alyssa MillerComment