The Magician

I'm starting to think The Magician really likes us☆



Hello everyone,

     Well, I have to say this is so fitting to follow yesterday's channeling. We are in a constant state of manifestation and the Magician represents us. Our ability to utilize what we have and work in partnership with the Universe as co-creators with that abundant energy that is ever present. You are the master of your moments. How do you spend them? What are you conjuring up with that wand?

     The loudest message I hear from this card this week is to work with your alter. Spend time in your sacred space, it does not matter if your alter and sacred space is a small part of your home or even in nature. The point is that you go to this place to re-center and speak to what's in your soul. What is the message there waiting for you to hear it? Especially in this time of year, we focus so much on others that our own care takes a back seat. We must remember to fill our cup as well. We deserve the same love and attention we give to others.

     So let's get in touch with ourselves again this week, let's take a blank page and a pen and write out what's going on within us. Let's also make a list of the things we want to manifest in our partnership with the Universe. Focus that energy and use our tools on what we want. This is your life, your beautiful experience♡Own it and live it♡

Also! Come 2018 I will be doing a journaling series on balancing our inner and outer worlds. ☆See the video below and don't forget to like and subscribe to follow on youtube☆




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