The Star

This week we have The Star card



How fitting!

     All I can do is smile and laugh as The Star card popped from the deck. I feel this card is so fitting as we leave 2017 and welcome 2018. This card is the 17th card of the Major Arcana or major life themes. The Star symbolizes hope, guidance and goals.

     As we wrap up this final week of 2017, what loose ends can we tie up? What guidance have we gained this year that we can take forward? What seeds did we plant for growth in this year of the 1, that we hope to nurture and see come into being as we move into this new year. Now is a great time for setting long term goals as well, ones like....a new years resolution. 

     The thing that stands out to me is how the lady is bringing in balance. She pours water into the lake as well as the soil. She has one foot in the lake and the other on the soil as well. She is in balance and flow. The biggest part in this is, she is the inbetween. She is actively participating in the flow. I feel this is a message of balance as we move into the year of the 2, the number of balance. (2+0+1+8=11. 1+1=2)

     The Star shines in the night sky like a beacon of light. Follow the guidance you feel within your heart and acknowledge the signs as they come you. keep your hopes and dreams alive as you follow your guidance and remember that you must be an active participant in your manifestation. You are the magician creating things into being♡ what are you creating? What would you like to create? 

Also! I am starting a journaling series on youtube called Journaling for Balance. This is going to start next week, the first of January! If you are interested please do subscribe to my channel and click the bell icon to alert you when the next video in the series is out. Here is the video announcing it as well as a fun little giveaway♡ It has been a very interesting year and I'm so gratefulfor everything. Cheers to this new year!!!







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