Knight of Pentacles

This week we have the Knight of Pentacles.



Take it slow this week!

     The Knight of Pentacles is the slowest moving knight. Adorned in heavy armor, he rides his stead steadily forward prepared for what is to come. He is a knight who does not rush into action. He is methodical in his actions, he has a plan and moves forward cautiously. He also tends to be more serious and materialistic in comparison to the other knights of the tarot.

     What I feel our message is this week is to take it slow. Take it easy. Do not rush into anything, give yourself time to think things through and most importantly.....move foreward at your own pace. This may be a financial opportunity that could present itself, if so, take your time and think it through before making a decision. Do not rush in under pressure and DO make sure you know the plan. I also feel that this card wants to speak about our armor. What is holding us back, slowing us down? What armor can we set aside and free ourselves from? Maybe we are being too strict? Too serious? Too worried about something we have no control over, or maybe even to controlling? All these things can be a burden of armor, we may view them as protection, but at what cost? The Releasing the shackles channeling goes into more detail about loosing the armor and setting the self free.

Take it easy this week, go at your own pace♡ Remember that this is YOUR life to live, take the pace that feels right for you♡


Alyssa MillerComment