The Magician Reversed

This week we have the Magician reversed.



Hello everybody!

 This week we have the magician reversed. The magician upright is all about creating your world. Using your tools and manifesting what you want in your life. The infinity loop above the Magicians head signifies the unity, and the cooperation with all that is. We have the Magician reversed this week, which means that we are not standing in our power. Something has us flipped on our heads. Are you still feeling stuck and indecision with the two of Swords last week? What is preventing you from creating in your life?

 At times the magician in reverse can speak about being stuck in our own minds, just like the two of swords. It feels to me, we have a theme going over the last 3 weeks here. This theme is about standing in our power! Creating what we want and making decisions. The magician is the creator of his universe. He has all the tools at his disposal. He has the Cups, which represent our emotions and water. He has the Pentacles, which represent our financial needs, our physical needs here onEarth. He has the Wands, which represent our fire and passion, and again he has the Sword, which represents our mental state and the element of air. He holds all the elements and all the tools to create what it is that he needs.

 Now is the time to stand in your power. Do not let things get you in a mental state of confusion. Do not let things weigh you down or turn you on your head. You are a powerful being! You are multi-faceted and multi-dimensional! Sometimes we just need a reminder of this♡ Stand in confidence and create the life you want to live!♡

Alyssa MillerComment