The Death Card

This week we have the Death card.



Hello everybody!

 So this week we have the Death card. First off, I want to say that this card does not mean physical death necessarily. The death card speaks about transitions, something is ending to create a path for something new. If you have heard the term out with the old in with the new, that is the best way to describe this card. This could speak to many aspects of life, work, creative projects, relationships and so on.

When I see the death card, my focus is drawn to the Sun rising in the background. Something is about to be reborn. A new dawn is on the horizon. Something fundamental is changing and we have to keep in mind that change is not always a bad thing. This is a good time to allow what does not serve you to fall away. The Death card is very similar to the season of autumn. Allowing what does not serve us to fall away like the leaves of the trees, in preparation for the new. I feel this is a good sign following the two of Swords and the Magician reversed.

This says to me that we are opening up to the possibilities and potentials. We are moving forward. Change is a constant in life, one day cycles into the next, Seasons come and go. All things are moving, and all things are changing. That is no different for you and I. We are always in a state of creating. Try this week to allow things that do not serve you, to fall away. Instead of focusing on what's leaving, focus on what new beginnings you are starting. What new things are coming, and how you can change and grow. 

Lots of love to you!

Alyssa MillerComment