2 of Swords again!

Hi everybody! We have the 2 of Swords again....looks like we have a pattern to break here.



Hi everybody!  

So we have the two of Swords again this week, which means that we have not fully worked through the energy of the two of swords from last week. The two of Swords is all about being stuck inbetween. The swords almost mimic a pair of scissors. What is it that we are not able to find a solution to? Where do we feel stuck in indecision? What option needs to be cut away? The swords are all about the mental processes and when I see the two of Swords I think about how we get stuck in our minds, working things over and over but not finding a solution.

 We must remove our blindfold and take a step back so that we can see things from a clear perspective. When we sit and indecision we are not standing in our power. When we sit in indecision we are afraid of making a mistake. In reality there is no mistake there is just the choices that you make. If you make a "wrong" choice then this is a way for you to learn from that "mistake" so that you know differently for the future. When you sit on the sidelines you allow life to pass you by, rather than being an active participant.

 This week really take some time to step aside from your mental over working, and allow yourself to have a fresher perspective. I feel the water is always significant in this card. It speaks to me about spending time at the water, spending time with spirit, your guides, angels, and loved ones. They are all always available to help and all we have to do is ask. So instead of sitting in indecision, let's take a mental break, come back with a fresh perspective and make a choice. It is up to you to live your life. You make your choices and sometimes in life not all choices are easy. This is how we learn and we grow. We make decisions, we move forward, and in reality there is no wrong answer. There is no wrong choice. The choices you make help determine your future and help determine the quality of life you live at this time.

 Please do not judge yourself for the perceived right and wrong as any choice you make, you make from the best place you can. Have a great week and spend some time at the water! Call in your guides and angels to help you when you feel stuck and indecision. They know how to help! 

 Light and love to you!




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