The Lovers Reversed

This week we have The Lovers card in reverse. 

In the Lovers card we have a depiction of the Adam and Eve in the garden of Edin being blessed by God. In its upright position this would be seen as blessings, union, new partnerships or a strengthening on an existing one. I see this reversal as a warning to not get to idealistic, to not get caught up in the perception of perfection and miss the realities. Make goals that you know are realistic and go for them! Challange yourself but don't set yourself up for failure. 

For some this may mean to not forget yourself and your needs in a relationship. Sometimes we get caught up and see our partner as perfect and meld as one forgetting to care for our own needs. For some this could be a sign to look at your relationships, what is it that you see needs changing? The lovers are complimentary to one another, they are each an individual being having different needs but still compliment one another. This is a reminder to care for yourself. 

For some this could be a sign of challanges on a spiritual journey, the reminder is to love yourself. Things don't always go as planned and we have to pick ourselves up and try again in those cases. We are blessed and guided on our Journies even at those times the influence is not redily apparent to us. This week, take some time for yourself. Tend to your needs and go with the flow. Make realistic goals for this coming year. Remember as your cup is filled it is easy to fill the cups of others. You are important, the desires you have and goals you want to meet are a reality, just remember to care for yourself and keep up the good work in the process. 

Much love to you!

Alyssa MillerComment