This week the Justice card.


Justice! This card is all about balance and fairness. Justice holds the sword to cut through all the b.s and get right to the point. Swords also represent our mental state of mind as well as the "high class". The scales signify equality and balance. The Justice card is non bias and says that what is right and equal is what is dealt. This can also be a good sign for anybody who may be going through some legal matters. The verdict may not be exactly what you want but it will be fair. The objective here is for balance and not vindictiveness. 

When I see the Justice card it reminds me to live my life treating all life with equality. The swords remind me to not get to caught up in my head and be balanced with heart and mind.  The scales also remind me of the ancient Egyptian weighing of the heart ceremony. Weighing the heart against a feather. The feather represent the goddess of truth and order (this link is great for more info http://www.egyptian-scarabs.co.uk/weighing_of_the_heart.htm)

The goal is balance this week beautiful souls! Do what you can to bring more balance into your life. Have a beautifully balanced week!


Alyssa MillerComment