The Fool Reversed & The High Priestess

We have 2 cards this week, The Fool card jumped from the deck and the next was The High Priestess, so we get 2 this week!

The Fool card in his upright position would express a joyus carefree person or situation. The Fool represents starting a new adventure with a fresh mind and perspective. Having him reversed this week, I feel his message is to wrap up the old, tie off those loose ends, finish up what it is you feel needs closure so that you can start a new without anything holding you back. With this reversal, I also feel that there is a fear of moving forward. 

The High Priestess is about inspiration and intuition. The moon at her feet connects her to the cosmos. She sits between 2 pillars, B is Boaz meaning the denial of something while the J is Jachin meaning beginings. She holds a scroll of ancient wisdom to share. She is a reminder of listening to your intuition and remembering your connection to all that is.

Reading these 2 cards together this week, I feel that we are starting a new chapter and that we need to free ourselves and tie any loose ends. We have a new adventure ahead and we want to start it bright eyed and excited. It's important to let go of fear. The High Priestess says to follow your guidance and know all you need is provided for you, this journey ahead is going to help you grow in a spiritual way. Your Soul is ready to let go of what is holding you back.  Now is the time to start this journey. Do you hear your soul calling you? Follow the guidance you feel within. Beautiful transformation is ahead for you. 

Alyssa MillerComment