The Tower

He all!

The Tower card is back as an influence this week. The Tower speaks about sudden changes. Much of the time we build our lives brick by brick charging forward creating what we perceive as our best future, then next thing we know sudden change steps in and we are left picking up those bricks again. When this happens know that major change is aligning you with a more suitable future. What you put out you recieve. When you find yourself building up these bricks again, take care to notice the foundation it is being built on. What is the foundation you are building on and what is your motivation?

This is also a major time of change for us, as well as Earth mother. Sudden change is not a bad thing, we are in a powerful time of manifestation and what we put out we are receiving back quicker then before, with this keep in mind that energies that are not supportive of what you are manifesting will fall away to create new space for what you are manifesting. 

Allow change to be a part of your life and use your magic to create what it is you want in life!

Until next week!

Alyssa MillerComment