5 of Swords reversed

Welcome back to Tarot Tuesday!

This week we have the Five of Swords reversed. When I read reversals it can show up as either limited energy in that direction or the opposite of what the card up right represents. For this week I feel the reversal means the opposite of the right side up energy. The Five of Swords right side up would represent a battle with someone or something on equal footing, it also cautions us about being too prideful and overly confident. What I feel this means for us this week is that we will be challenged in a battle not on an equal footing, that we will be taking on something that is bigger than us but to not get discouraged and to believe in yourself. Remember that the swords represent power, and our mental thought processes, don't get to caught up in your head this week. You may be thinking you are taking on more than you think you can handle this week but don't stress, you will surprise yourself with how strong you are.  Don't get cocky with it, be humble but know you can make it through this challange and come out the other side stronger then before. This is a week for challenging growth. Stay strong loves, you can do this!


Until next week!

Alyssa MillerComment