The Sun

Good Morning Beautiful Souls!

This week we have the sun card, the sun speaks of joy and contentment. The sun also brings us energy and vitality. When the sun card appears know that this is a positive and uplifting influence on the week. A great exercise to do this week is to breath in the color yellow, yellow has a very high vibration and can help you feel more empowered in your life. If I'm ever feeling down I work with yellow to help brighten my energy and lift my mood. The sun card can also be a great "bringing things to light" influence. As the sun shines down on you this week somethings that may have been hidden can be revealed as the sun shines to illuminate your life this week. 

This is a fantastic influence for us for this week! I'm looking forward to a joyus and power filled week, hope you are to!  

Light and love

Alyssa MillerComment