The Tower (2nd time this month)

Welcome back,

The tower card is back again this month,

As we know from before the tower card is about sudden changes. This card is showing up twice for this month which means we need to really look at the changes in our lives and what we are creating. When what we have built up gets knocked down it gives us the opportunity to start over taking with us the lessons we have learned. We become wiser, maybe we build our towers out of different materials or we build the tower on a different foundation. The destruction may be devastating and hard to understand but after the dust settles in moments of clarity, you can move forward, wiser and able to create something better than before. Change is inevitable we all have to experience change but, take responsibility for what you do with this change. You can create anything you desire when you have fresh ground to start from and a creative mind. Bring your new vision to fruition. 

Alyssa MillerComment