A Reminder

Hello Everybody!

Thank you for being open to receive this message, I felt the angels with me for this channeling, I can not pinpoint down the speaker of this message as it felt like it was coming from a group consciousness, I felt Archangel Jophiel strongly but I also felt the energy of others. The message this week came through as a reminder for all of us. Here is this weeks reminder.

Listen to your bodies dear ones. Feel it, connect to its messages for you. You see you have a seed sprouted within you, a voice of Knowledge and Wisdom. You are all born with this seed and throughout your life you nurture its growth. This seed is like a small voice within you, it helps you to understand what goes on within you. So many plugged into a mind device that the body gets neglected. Your beautiful make up involves a form of body intelligence, body awareness that over time many have disassociated from and lost touch with what it means to be human, in human form.

Your body is your temple for your soul and how you care for it is your choice. We ask you to look at the seed within you. Planted in rich soil as your body developed in your mother. How is this seed? How has it grown? Have you nurtured it? Watered the soil? Talked to it and watched it flourish? or...Have you forgotten this seed, this plant? Is it in need of attention? You see the seed represents your body, your care of your physical form and  we give you this message today to remind you that your body is important. You must nurture your physical body in order to experience the physical world around you. This message comes continuously to remind you. To help you remember that not only are you a miraculous soul, you walk in a magnificent body. Care for it, listen to it as it does you. The channel of communication goes both ways yet some refuse to listen. Your body is intelligent as is your mind, so why only listen to one?

Your cells listen and communicate but are you open to receive this communication? You are so magnificent, this spark of light that illuminates and animates the form. You are so much greater than your eyes perceive, than your science can comprehend. Science has been done on the bodies ability to communicate, to send and receive but only knows so much. You know your responses to stimulus but are you aware that you receive more than this? that the intelligence of your body is not only responsive when provoked but that its receptive, it receives the subtle energies around and within you.

You are a massive conductor and receiver. Do both sides communicate? Are you aware of the connection between? Your psychic senses are one example of body intelligence, those who choose to open this communication feel into the body wisdom, the body intelligence. Everybody on this Earth is receptive and conductive in this way, even if they are not aware of it. You know when you feel drained, exhausted and ready to collapse and you know when you are energized and full up to capacity. Imagine if you will that instead of hitting highs and lows that you are aware of your bodies energy, you are receptive to the messages of your body and can make the changes necessary before you get over worked. You have the ability to see how your energy is utilized and how to manage it.

Listening to your body will help you find the balance between your mental and your physical energies. When you eat food, notice how your body feels, how does it digest it? How does it utilize the energy, the nutrition that food provides? Listen to your bodies dear ones. Nurture it like you would a planted seed. Let it blossom and flourish, beautify your energy and bodies dear ones. Fill it with love and nourishment. Listen to its messages and care for it. It helps sustain you in your physical form and has much to share.

You are so beautiful,


The angels 



Alyssa MillerComment