This week I felt multiple energies come to channel, There was no one soul but many. The message this week is a collective teaching from them. I strongly felt the angels as well as ancestor energy for this sitting. Thank you for being open to receive this message.


Your life is not fated dear one, there is no master of puppets pulling your strings. You are born into this world in beauty and lightness. You choose your circumstances and you choose your way out of them. You are yours, you belong to no one. When you view your life with disappointment and sorrow, this is a choice you make. When you view your life with a smile and joy in your heart this is also a choice you make. You do not owe another and in return they do not owe you. All is done by choice and when you view life this way you see that all you do, think and say are your responsibility. 

You owe no one, you are obligated to no one and if you feel otherwise it is by choice, every choice you make is your own and every choice another makes is their own. All are choices decided by the beholden. Do you see this? If you choose to feel bad or down because of outside circumstances or by the opinion of another, you choose to let this circumstance or opinion take hold in value over your own. It does not matter what happens around you dear one, you work with it, how you choose to deal or overcome. What matters is what happens within you and how you move forward with it.

The world around you is beautiful, it is volatile and it is magic. Much of what you perceive is the result of your ancestors, the generations before you but, before you go chasing blame, pointing fingers, remember dear that you are your ancestors. You have lived before, walked the soil before and made your decisions before. The world you are in now is a result of before. There is no blame, you must see that this is choices made manifest over millennia and that you have a hand in this. Not all choices made have been agreed upon by all parties in all tribes and you must accept your part in societies evolution as well as your own evolution.

We understand that not all people agree, not all will see eye to eye and this is how change is created. You have these beautiful minds to think for yourself, these beautiful bodies so graciously evolved and ever so in tune with the world around you, even if you choose to ignore the signals. Enough with the dis-empowered mindset. Let that go dear ones. How well has this served you thus far? Own who you are beyond what you can see, beyond the negative self talk or self image. If we could show you how you look to us you would cease to be in a lowly state again.

The world is awake, it is humanity who is not. We ask you to wake up. Humanities evolution starts one at a time, each soul expressing their true divinity. As you each wake, you become more aware. More aware of the tools you have, more aware of the lightness and more aware of the divine matrix that is creation, that is life, that is presence. Make your choices dear one. Make your choices for you, from you and own them. You are not beholden to another and you are not a prisoner. You are yours and yours alone, anything of the contrary is a choice of yours. Take the responsibility, take your power back and live your life for you. Nobody else can live it for you.


With love dear ones we share this with you.

Alyssa MillerComment