A message of Love

Hello Everybody!

This week In my meditation I felt the presence of Jesus with me, his energy is very peaceful and the amount of love that pours from his energy is so strong. Here is his message for us.


Love is the Divine Spark within you. An eternal light that never ceases to shine. When you look within yourself, what is it that you see? Do you see this light? Do you feel the light is dim? Does it not appear to you at all? I am here to tell you that your light has not gone, it will never cease to be and neither will you. You are each a spark of an eternal flame and you will never die out. Your shine is from pure divinity and to the divinity this spark returns. You join and you separate as you live lifetime after lifetime. Your spark expression is unique but still holds the same divinity as the divine eternal flame.

You place so much emphasis on the day to day little things that you see them as greater than they truly are. Worry helps no soul. You must choose and be happy. You are eternal and you will live again and again. If you don't like your choice of today, choose wiser for tomorrow. There is not a game to be played where it is your life as the joke. You create this life before you, just as you have created what it is behind you. Do not be so hard on yourself or the choices you make. Each day welcomes you with a fresh start and a new way to start again. There is not a vengeful eye to judge your move, no master to pull your strings. You conduct the play of your life each time around. You each are loved equally despite the separations you place on one another.

Who am I to say how you should live your life? I am here to say to honor your life, all your lives and to know that your choices are yours alone. Your divine spark of the eternal flame looks no different from another. It is your expression lifetime after lifetime that draws out the uniqueness of you, but at your core, your spark is the same as all others. When you start from this place, the genesis of who each of you are, you will find it easier to see that you are the same in more ways than not. It is up to you how you choose. What you choose and when you choose it. You are equally loved no matter the choice. 

See the Divine spark within you. see that the differences that separate you are surface and that you can choose to move beyond this by honoring the spark within another. To understand another in their difference is tolerance but to truly love one another you look past the surface, deep into the soul and you see nothing but yourself it its reflection. To love one another you must love yourself. Love and accept your creation and the creation of another. The differences on the surface are numerous but at the core of it all, you are a unique expression sparked from the eternal flame and everything in exsistance at its core is you and you are it. Let your hearts open to this love. Love one another as I love you and see the true beauty.



Alyssa MillerComment