The Nature of Shadow

Hi everybody!

This week I wanted to share some information my guides shared with me about the nature of shadow. This eclipse will bring much of our shadow aspects to the surface to be dealt with and healed. This is what they shared with me about shadow, and shadow work.

Shadow is polarity of form, it is balance, you have one with the other. It is definition, it is option it is to show you difference. The nature of Shadow is to help you see that you create constantly the light and the dark. The shadow wakes you up to see your evolution, to see the spaces where more light can be incorporated. You understand left right up and down when a line is drawn, it is that line that is shadow, it divides, categorizes and has potential to put things into perspective. It shows you that you have the power to work with light or to work with Darkness. As you create you pull from these spaces.

All beings have within them the space of light and darkness, one is not seen without the other. How are you to know without perspective? You as pure potential create. You pull and mix with your energy these polarities and you can create what you wish from them. It is important to be conscious on what it is you are creating, as you will be more aware on which source you are drawing from. There is no judgment as both sources hold value, hold potential but you are just the magician who creates with it. What you create is a reflection of you and your Evolution. 

Shadow is also the aspects of yourself that are still reaching Enlightenment. It is to show you where there is more potential to explore and grow. It is not good or bad it is just to show you where you can Elevate and grow from. It is the polarity that gives you the perspective of difference, the ability to see were more work can be done. Both give, it is for you to decide if you will use the energy and draw from that potential. 

Please stay safe and follow your inner light. Illuminate what needs to be worked on and help yourself elevate from that energy that holds you back. Honor, love and embrace who you are. Keep in mind we are always creating and drawing from pools of potentially. Create from love and let your love shine♡ 


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