A message from Eagle

This week Eagle greeted me and wanted to share a message for all of us.

The Birds eye view,

You measure your life and leaps and bounds not always seeing the steps that have taken you to where you are today. To truly see the bird's eye view of your life you let go of the day today steps you take and see things from a greater perspective. The life you live is Grand and full of all those little steps that make up the leaps and bounds. Make a practice of looking at your life from a bird's-eye view but also appreciating all the steps you have taken to get you where you are. Movement forward is necessary and movement is constant. You decide how you will move forward, how you will view your life and the choices you make. The mile is great yet it is filled with all the steps along the way adding up to a great stride.

You see it is a balancing act, you must look at the grander scheme of your life and also appreciate the steps it takes to get you there. Life is not to be rushed, enjoy the journey, you get to your destination in time. The steps that make up the Greater mile are only accomplished when you acknowledge that within all great things many small things are incorporated. You do not see the Divine geometry in the objects of life, none-the-less they are a part of that objects make up, it's energy pattern and all big things are created from the multiple small things.

Do not be afraid to do the hard work, to mold and create from scratch. Learn as you go and do not rush things. The stronger your pieces, the stronger the foundation you have to work from. Do not race to beat another, do not race to be like another, the gifts you bring arr sacred and necessary for the growth of yourself as well as humanity. Honor your steps yet also see the bird's eye view. When you stop to appreciate the space, you will see just how far you have come as well as the road ahead of you. Look from different perspectives and see that all those steps that seems so insignificant have truly taken you very far. Appreciate the little things along the way for they add up to be big things in time.

Blessed Soul live your life, live your dreams and trust that those steps you walk take you down the path of fulfillment and success. Honor the small things for they soon  compile two big things. Brave the steps you walk into the unknown with love and peace as your light. You will do well. Trust your path, trust your guides and keep moving forward. Your life is right in front of you. Seize the moments and you will seize the day. If at times you want the greater perspective call to me I will take wing and show you what it is you wish to see.

Walk in light blessed ones


Alyssa MillerComment