Hello Everyone! Happy Monday! Here is this weeks channeled message!

Your world is so bright and beautiful, Your lives so precious and expressive. We honor you, we watch you grow and we are so pleased, it is like watching your infant take steps for the first time. We are elated to see you come together, to join hands on the same path to peace. Compassion is not an easy state to master. It is giving up a part of you, that which you call the human ego, that which compares and divides. Your hearts can hold more fire and compassion than the mind, yet many of you get stuck in this place of the mind. You dear ones are not your mind. You are far beyond the mind, far greater than the mind and it is the mind that tells you otherwise.

You live a battle of the heart and mind, you see they are both important aspects to your human form but are not who you are. You are creator consciousness, you are the soil beneath your feet and the stars in the Universe, you are greater than perception can dictate.  You are soul, no weight, no color, no judgement. You are pure consciousness collective and have chosen this form. How you choose to express in this form is up to you. You have taken on a human form and shrunk your consciousness down to fit this vibration, to live this lifetime as you call it, but it is just a mere spark in the collective of all consciousness. You are much like us, consciousness in form, yet our form looks different from yours. We are all children of Grand Creation and to know each other is to know more about Grand Creation. 

The world is not ready to see with fully open eyes, this is why we refer to you in infancy, your vision is not yet able to see greater distance nor perceive greater things. None the less we love you, we guide and help you as you learn and grow. As you expand, your field of view expands and in that expands your consciousness. You beings of Earth are so beautiful yet so complicated..Our message for you at this time is to love one another, embrace the beauty of who you are and honor your differences. You work to hard to categorize and label all the differences deeming good-bad, like-dislike, all these things are a hierarchy of worth or beauty or whatever category you place it but, in reality what matters is the ability to see within in ones form, beyond the form to see the consciousness, the existence within.

Learn to embrace each other, as you do this, and as time as you know it progresses you will see there is so much more out there than just you and me, there is US. The Universal forms of life, the consciousness core of all things. It is to look beyond the form in front of you to see the Soul string. Pluck this string and let it's reverberation make waves through the core, then the form then back out into the world singing its note into the Universe, the one song, the one note, the one consciousness. We love you children of Earth, we are connected to you, we are here to help you grow.

Start by loving yourself, this will help you love and honor another in the same way until your love expands into loving beyond what you see. You will know love, you will acknowledge that love and you will see it in all things, in all forms. Be love, express your love and know that we love you.

Love, P