Message From Selene

Hi Everybody!

As I opened for channeling this week a new teacher came through, here name is Selene. Here is her message for all of us at this time.

It is in the divine feminine that the spark of life resides, it is with the seed of the masculine that completes the start of this cycle. Things are not so black and white. All parties must play their role and representation. It is the Divine feminine in your culture that has been stifled and seen as less than. Many of you are going through life with the masculine drive, yet not allowing the sacred space of the feminine to reside. It is a 3 way system. When you plant your seeds do they not take their time to sprout from the soil? Too much force and not enough allowing puts you in a place of unrest. 

It is to relinquish control for some time and to know that all things arise in time. Imagine how much less stress you would feel if you took the need for control away? This is not to say to relinquish all control but to allow more space for a gestation period. You will always been in control of your life, but as you can see, you can not control everything. Put your energy into the things you want to make manifest and allow the others to fall as they may. Spring is the beautiful time of year that reminds you how after a time of incubation all things sprout to life. 

If you see your mind as the incubator, the heart would be the space in which receives and the solar plexus is the seed yet to incubate. You combine these in the incubator of your mind and push that into the universe. When you check in, between the heart the mind and the seed of power you will see a more balanced energy. One must be the seed or drive, the other must be the space to receive at meet the first, infuse together, then you must have a space to let this grow. When a woman gets pregnant it is the seed, the egg and the uterus, the space in which it grows. This is no different than manifesting in your life. It is a three part system. 

Many of you are taught of things so black and white, this or that, you can have it all. You can heal and work with all three parts to manifestation, the will, the desire and the incubator. You decide what you want to grow in your garden. You can weed out all that you do not desire and it is the will that helps make this happen.

You are beautiful beings of magic and I ask you to consider these words, honor all that is you, the masculine, the feminine and the connection or God spark within you. Life i s not so black and white, it is a spectrum of endless color and possibility. Thank you.

Alyssa MillerComment