Channeling 5/1/17

Welcome back! Here is this weeks Channeling,

Love is the great spark that ignites the fire within you. You come from great love and you will return to great love, it is in this walk of life that you experience love in many forms. You carry a piece of this great love within you, this great love is a fire that burns on water, it is undefinable and yet it is in all of you. You are the magic of the creator in form. You are the creator, each of you is the creator, it is blended consciousness of all things. I wish I could put into words what it is I truly want to express but I have no words to describe this. The vastness of the universe is a whisper in comparison. You are divine love and magic and you are a divine expression. 

Love is so magnificent, it has the power to heal all things, give life to all things and to release all things. Love, love is what you truly are, your magnificence is love. It is with deep love that we on this plain share with you, we know our connectedness, we see your love matches our love. We know that you and we are one, different expressions but one. Earth, the stars in the galaxy and the universe are one. Many of us have breathed a lifetime as you do now. We know the struggles an Earth life can bring, we know the struggles of the ego in an incarnation, we know to well the limitations that the mind places on the physical and that these limitations can be transcended with the right frequency. You must tune in. Tune in to your innate, the deeper truer you. The you beyond your physical but the consciousness that is your soul. You. That piece that fits into the puzzle of life, the everlasting essence that is you.

The body you see is a reflection, it is a meager aspect of who you truly are yet, you all identify so strongly with it. Like a coat you see as yourself, How many coats do you have in your closet? These coats are like physical forms you have taken before, different fashion, different incarnation. Isn't it funny how you feel a certain way depending on the coat you wear? It is just a coat, it provides for you what you need it to until it no longer provides for you. You are not your coat but you bring that coat to life. You are breath, you are a eternal spark of magic that breathes life into creation, into form.

You dear ones are so incredible, you hold a form like many others yet you are unique in your expression. You are Love, remember this on those days when the world seems foggy and disconnected, you are an eternal spark of creation, you will never cease to be and you are divine love in creation. You are a creator and from divine love you create. Love yourself and love one another for you are the same spark of divinity,  expressing different views in a vast of consciousness. Love is at the core and love lives on into eternity.

With great love we share with you....And so it is.