Channeling 4/24/17

Hi Everybody,

Welcome back, 

The channeling this week comes from a familiar guide(s) of mine, I have no name but I recognize the energy. Lots of love to on to the channeled message......

What is it you see when you look into the eyes of another? Eyes are a glimpse into a magnificent Soul, it is in the eyes you see this persons true light, their true self. The eyes can not hide the intentions, good or bad, when you look into the eyes of another you have a deeper knowing of who they are. With so many afraid to look into the eyes of another, hiding away from soul connection we ask you to pause for a moment and look into the eyes of another, It is OK to have a deeper connection with another, even for a brief moment. It is good to see your likeness in them, to see a Soul to Soul connection, to know that you are connected even if it is minute. You are connected.

Do not shy away from looking into your own eyes in the mirror. Recognize your beauty, your truth and get to know the everlasting you without the body. Eyes are the window to truth, the Soul shines bright from within. Connect to each other, look eye to eye and see that the beauty in you lives also in them. Shine brightly through those eyes. Hold love in this space and connect to another. My channel is asking, what about those who have no physical sight? We say that the soul is felt strongly, even without the physical sight to see, the knowing of this Soul is perceived within an inner sight. Insight into another. Seeing is just one way to express this message. 

We see so many of you are coming out of your shells and the illumination of Earth is becoming brighter. It is as though you lifted your shroud and you see more and more of what is around you. You are not afraid to look, to perceive, to experience what is around you. When you have the courage to see into the eyes of another, you are seeing the innate connection you have, the cord that weaves through everyone and everything, you are seeing how we are all tied together. Connected, how our actions and thoughts string on this harmony that is the universe, I say we because it is all of the universe in connection. There is so much more. If you find it hard to look into the eyes of another, look into your own eyes in the mirror first, perceive your true self in what way is most comfortable for you. Get comfortable with seeing into yourself as well as another.

The energy of your collective is changing and those hidden secrets and deceptions will be a thing of your past. Integrity and honesty will shine brighter than the words spoken. Lies and manipulation will be easily perceived, trickery and deceit will be known. People will not be able to hide the truth, it will be as if what is hidden behind the words will be written all over the face. Falsehood will be a thing of the past. Until then beautiful ones, look into the eyes of others, Do not be afraid to shine your true self and to see the true self of another. With the chaos you all are experiencing, you are seeing the true intentions fulfilled behind the mouth of lies. Do not be afraid to see the true intentions, the true self inside of you as well as another, even if you can not physically see it, you can perceive it. Your innate, your inner knowing will see past the mask and into the soul. We are all connected, even down to the smallest molecule, we are connected. It is time to see this. 

Be good to one another. Your choices today create your tomorrows. What future are you building? Honesty? Love? Compassion? all of these? It is within you, Love yourself and Love one another. 


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