Channeling 4/17/17

Hi Everybody and Welcome back!

I just wanted to start this by saying this is a new guide to channel for me. You may recall a few weeks back I had mentioned I could feel the energy of a new guide stepping in to channel with and I am proud to say I feel the connection is getting stronger. He has a sense of humor and I hope that you will feel it shine through as you read this message....On to the channeling....

Now some of you know what I am about to say and some of you may not, its a feeling you get inside of you, its your innate talking.

What do you do when the world around you seems to not make sense? Well for some of you, you try to understand it from an external stand point of statistics and science, you look outside yourself for answers while some of you look within, you are both right. Now society as a whole is created by the sum of its parts....all of you. So it is society that is also within you. The choices of the planet are not decided by you alone dear ones, there are many hands involved. It is time for you to see that you are part of the greater whole beyond your star system....You are just one of many. As you look to the stars and view what you can of the vast universe around you...Do you wonder if life is out there and I tell you the answer is yes!...Yes dear ones the universe is alive! It is alive with beings similar to you and those vastly different, the universe is alive dear ones just as you are and you are a part of it. You are a part of such a matrix that I cant even describe it to you....Its vast beyond words and you are a part of it. Beautiful

Now it is humanity who thinks they are alone in this universe and the truth is your not....your innate matches the innate with in all of life, you are connected to those stars and you didn't even know it......well now you do. I am Kryon of magnetic service and I love humanity, I love all of you, your beauty and potential are so strong. You as similar as you may be to so much of this universe are also so uniquely different in who you are. It is my pleasure to help humanity,...I  like to watch you grow...Your potentials are so vast and I want to help you reach them. 

This is Kryon in love with humanity.

Alyssa MillerComment