Working with Elements for Balance

Another Beautiful Monday!

Thank you for being open to receive, Here is this weeks channeled message for all of us.

It is not just the fires in you that are cause for great change, it is the waters as well. Many waters calm the fiery storm and with all elements it is a respect for their power and how to work with them. The fires of change are present and necessary but do remember that the water snuffs the angry blaze that can be set on a destructive path. It is the water that eases the mind and soul, it is the water that washes away the ashes, down into the soil to be renewed. It is important to understand the use of elemental energies and when to implement them. Adding a flame to a flame will just temporarily infuse it but adding water to the flame eases the burn.

Think of your energy in terms of elements. What element represents each emotion? What ignites the fire? What eases and brings calm? What is the element of motivation? What element do you feel you hold strongly? Which one could you use more of? These are questions that help you see your energy and help you to find balance. Find the balance within yourself and in turn you will be able to help others find theirs. From there, you can help the energies of humanity and Earth become more balanced.

It is in these times of heavy darkness that your light must stay strong. Darkness is drawn to the light, do not be surprised if you are called upon to help clear this energy, you will know, as a matter of fact many of you already are. You may be surprised by this, to some, this may not be a surprise at all. Your shining lights help brighten the world day by day, It is imperative that you keep yourselves nurtured and healthy, many of you are needing more balance, you are feeling more tired, like your energy has been drained, you are likely craving different foods, different places to be and even the company you keep. All of this is OK. Many of you are shining to help illuminate the world but are not remembering to care for yourself. Do not let your light shine out because of what is happening around you. As you balance your body and your energy, things change. To put it simply, some vibrations are not a match. Go with the flow from the words of your soul.

If you are in an environment with too much fire, bring in the water, you can hold the energy that calms the blaze. If you feel you need help with communication, bring in the element of air. If you see that the energy is sluggish bring in that fire energy. When you see that something needs cocooning bring in the element of Earth. Now these are just examples to share with you to help you find more balance in your life as well as the world around you. You can not change the energy of another individual only yourself. You can lead by example. 

What does each element represent to you? What element would most benefit you at this time? What element do you feel humanity needs? Send these energies to the places you see would benefit. Everyday you have the power to make impact-full changes. It is up to you whether or not you choose to do so. 

With love we share with you, for humanities growth and expansion. We love you.

Alyssa MillerComment